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Faux Leather Custom Patch Hat - Richardson

Faux Leather Custom Patch Hat - Richardson

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Now Offering Custom Hats with Faux Leather Hat Patches!

Text or email us for a design link to create your own custom hat design. Use as many colors and images that fit into your designated size template!

When complete, we will print your design on the faux leather patch of your choosing. 


Text: 617-653-8475

**Artwork sent to Sand & Water, LLC must be sent by the owner or licensee of the artwork submitted. Please see disclaimer below**

Artwork Requirements:

  • You must use our design link to create your custom design for pricing to be applicable.
  • Artwork submitted outside of our link, must be Print Ready, or an additional fee will apply.


After completing your design, we will have your custom hats printed and ready for pickup in 5-7 business days.

Pricing for this product is for in store purchase only. Please support our business when paying cash when you can.

 Store Policy:

Every Hat is Custom Made by Us for You.

All Sales Final. 

©2017-2023 Sand & Water, LLC


Art Reproduction Restrictions

The unauthorized use, copying, or distribution of a protected copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name logo, design, portrait, graphic, artwork, photograph, picture or illustration, or any other intellectual property (collectively “Intellectual Property”) is prohibited. 

By submitting, uploading, or otherwise providing Intellectual Property to Sand & Water, LLC, you warrant and represent that you are the sole, legal owner or licensee of all rights to the Intellectual Property, and that the submitted Intellectual Property is free and clear of infringement or any legal restriction.

Sand & Water accepts no liability for any unauthorized use, copying, or distribution of any Intellectual Property. Nor does Sand & Water have any obligation to verify whether you have legal rights in the Intellectual Property since Sand & Water is relying on your representations. 

By submitting, uploading, or otherwise providing Intellectual Property to Sand & Water, you agree, at your sole expense, to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify Sand & Water, against any claim or lawsuit alleging that any of the Intellectual Property submitted, uploaded, or otherwise provided by you to Sand & Water infringes any copyright, trademark, trade secret, other Intellectual Property, or otherwise violates applicable law or constitutes an infringement, that the Intellectual Property is being wrongfully used, or that you violated any of the above representations. You will also pay all damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred by or levied against Sand & Water as a result of any such claim or lawsuit. Sand & Water reserves the right to defend any action brought against it in connection with your alleged infringement, misuse, and breach of representations concerning the Intellectual Property; however, you agree to be responsible for Sand & Water’s damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred defending such claim or lawsuit.


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